Blog postWay down memory lane: Anne


Hi Sharks!

Some of you may know me, some of you may not! But my name is Anne and for now I am a sponsormember of Tiburón because I graduated last year.

I have been a member of Tiburon since 2015 when I started my bachelors in Maastricht. I could immediately notice how jawesome sharks are, so 2 years later I joined the board together with 3 other incredible girls (Anne Blikman, Yiten Luong and Eline Nauta). I always loved to be in committees and to join almost all activities Tiburón had to offer. So if you hesitate to join a committee or activity? Don’t, it’s amazing!

At the moment I started the normal, a little bit more boring life compared to my studentlife: Work. Noo, that’s a joke, working is very nice and I absolutely love my job. At the moment I am working in Eindhoven but living in Sprang-Capelle (small town in the greatest province of the Netherlands: Brabant). I work for a foundation focused on improving the healthcare provided by physical therapists to patients with chronic diseases. Where we do a lot of research on the provided healthcare and where I help in multiple projects.

However, I do miss my studentlife. It was great to not do a lot about university compared to working long days now. Being able to sleep in and being able to go out on normal weekdays. I think secretly that is one of the things which I miss the most (except for, of course swimming with all the lovely sharks 3 times a week) having activities, doing nice things and going out with all the lovely members of Tiburón.

I also miss the great NSZK competitions and weekends. Competing with everyone against all the other swimming associations, to party afterwards, and drink our asses of. I also think that those weekends were the greatest memories I have of Tiburon and of course all the stories afterwards of people falling from stages and so on.

The best one for me was the one I organized during my board year together with the NSZK committee. A great weekend with the theme: Musicals, for every association a different musical. And what did we rock during the competition! We became 3th, and in the overall competition we also became 3th that season! The weekend ended with a great cantus and party afterwards with all the associations, I remember being tired but also very happy and proud!

Those weekends were amazing, and I am sad that this year they were cancelled due to Corona. But eventually you will be able to organize them again, and make those same awesome memories together!


Hopefully we will be able to meet one day, when a nice activity in real-life can take place!

Hugs and Kisses,

Anne Verhoef