Way down memory lane: Anne


< Hi guys, this is me, Anne (left). I love rosé and chicken nuggets, especially during the sportsgalas. I feel honored to write this blog, however, it also makes me feel like a dinosaur. Its already 10 years ago that I started swimming with MSZV Tiburón. I was in doubt for a good few minutes whether or not to join Saurus instead of Tiburón, and thank god I did not. Because Tiburón provided me with the best moments of my student days.

I believe Tiburón must be running through my veins, because my niece actually founded this swimming association and my little sister and I both did one board year. I remember when I started my board year in 2012. We were five ladies, thinking we could do better – helloo, the arrogance – but hea, it’s a good motivation! Only girls would be a disaster according to a few of our fellow members, but it turned out to be amazing. I mean yes, we were a little unprepared and chaotic, but what we lacked in experience, we made up in commitment and party moods. And it shows, because there have been more only-girls boards and the association still exist.

Our board year was full of milestones. We moved to the new pool, made a new slogan and got 100 members for the first time. A few days ago, I came across the original draft of the stickers and slogans that we still have. I’m so proud to still see the logo and the same clothing, but the bathing suits and shirts became better and better over the years!

I have lots of crazy memories. One of the strangest memories is from the old swimmingpool. It was on the other site of Maastricht, in a neighborhood where bikes were often stolen. So, occasionally, we were called out of the swimming pool to gather our bikes and park them behind a fence. And because it was in the middle of our training, we just went out in our bathing suites and moved the bikes to ‘a saver place’. I still don’t understand why we couldn’t just park them there in the beginning.

First board picture

Last board picture (note the crying face)

After my board year, I stayed active as a member of the activity committee. I remember trying out the drinking activities together before we organized it for the members. This often resulted in wasted evenings and sick days the day after. I think I must have lost a lot of brain cells, but I think it was worth it? I’m still very close to the people I met in the beginning of Tiburón and one of them is marrying soon. Niels and Rob were my go-to-guys and they saved me multiple times from making horrible decisions. However, we did do some stupid stuff. Niels destroyed his house because he lost his key – it was in eyesight in the kitchen, we lost the gold fish of Rob because it wasn’t resistant to beer and lost the Tiburón camera so many times I can’t even count.

The Batavierenrace was one of my favorite weekends. There is something magical about sleeping in freezing cold, running through rain without any sleep and eating cold pizza on the hockeyfields. All jokes aside, the Batavierenparty was the best. The image of Victor aggressively twerking against anyone is burned in my brain. I still have the videos as proof, but unfortunately – or luckily for Victor – I can only show pictures.

I am glad I still get to hang out with Tiburón members and enjoy some swimming time in the pool. Without Evy, Eric, Victor, Marijn, Vera and Nina, I would have been so fat. Guys, I made it through the COVID time because of you with our zoom sports sessions, jeux the boule bootcampies and swimming sessions!

I am sure, and I really hope, that all members experience the same fun time as I did. Cherish your Tiburón time because I am sure you will miss it once it is over!!