Blog postWay down memory lane: Anita


Hi Sharkies,

The board asked me to write a little blog for you guys, so here it is!

I’m Anita and I am/was a Tiburón member for quite some time. I became a member in October 2010 and now I’m an honorary member, so I will never leave Tiburón for the rest of my life (and I love it?).

Who am I? That was the question they wanted me to answer. At the moment, I’m working as a doctor since I finished my medicine studies in February 2019. Before my time in Maastricht, I lived in Sint-Oedenrode (Brabant, close to Eindhoven) with my parents, sister and brother. I was already swimming and playing water polo since 1998, so the decision to become a member was easy.

My Tiburón time:

After a couple of months, I became a board member (in September 2011) as swim coordinator. During my time as swim coordinator, we didn’t swim that hard, but we had fun and could party for a bunch of people. So, after one year of being a board member, I decided to do another board year as president with 4 of my lovely friends: Anne, Vera, Jose and Cato. We impressed a lot of other boards in Maastricht with our dresses, but also the other swim boards.

My second board year was definitely my best Tiburón and student year! We ate, drank, swam, slept, and partied together with all the members of that time. I don’t remember everything from that year, but here are some things I do remember:

– We always lost the camera and had to ask Sander or Erik to find it back the day after
– Our board dance was always wonderful
– The pictures of that year are not for everybody’s eyes….
– Freaking out because we had to change pools (we swam in the Dousberg, close to the Belgium border, till April 2013)
– Batavierenrace with 2 spots less to all go back by car
And I could go on and on and on…


Another great thing about my Tiburón/student time is that my Tiburón friends are still my friends today. We still hang out sometimes, have BBQ’s, ride our bikes and of course party sometimes, but not the way we did back in our student days.

Tiburón is a great association where you can make friends for the rest of your life. Hopefully, all of you are making great and beautiful memories to talk about later (when you are all sober again).

With love,



PS: ALL TO THE FRONT PLEASE! (inside joke for the people who remember ?)