Trainings Weekend


Get ready to feel sore muscles in places you didn’t even know you had them! From the 11th-13th of March we will travel to Worriken, Belgium to spend a weekend full of exercise together and get ready for the last two competitions this year. 

This weekend will be all about sports (no partying or drinking for once) and includes a range of activities such as bootcamps, runs, morning workouts and of course swimming practices. We will stay in little cabins by the lake with a large outside area for our workouts. The weekend will cost you around 30€ including everything.

Since there is no public transport connection available we will have to rely on a few of you who might have cars themselves or can organise one. So please indicate below if there is any way for you to have a car that weekend.

Once we have reached the maximum amount of participants we will close this form asap. However, we might not be quick enough (if you for example decide to sign up in the middle of the night). Therefore, filling in this signup sheet is sadly no guarantee yet that you can join. In case this happens we will contact you within 24hrs to let you know.


Unfortunately, sign-ups are closed. Stay up to date about our upcoming events by checking out our instagram, keeping an eye on the Whatsapp groupchat, or by following this link: