Training’s Weekend


Prepare yourself for the sensation of sore muscles in places you never knew existed! From March 8th to 10th, we’ll be heading to Worriken, Belgium, for an action-packed weekend focused on fitness.

Our agenda for the weekend is exclusively dedicated to sports – no partying or drinking this time. Activities will include boot camps, runs, morning workouts, and, of course, swimming practices. Accommodations will be in cozy chalets, offering ample outdoor space for our workouts. The entire weekend, including all activities, will cost approximately €30.

While public transportation is an option for reaching Worriken, not everyone may have free access, so car is also available. Please indicate below if you can arrange for a car during that weekend.

Once we reach the maximum number of participants, we will promptly close this form. However, if we’re not quick enough (perhaps due to late-night sign-ups), completing this signup sheet does not guarantee immediate participation. If that occurs, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to confirm your status!