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A weekend full of swimming, clinics, food, sharkfriends, physical & mental exercises, fun, and much more! I present to you: M.S.Z.V. Tiburón’s first training weekend ever! On February 8th we will be leaving for Worriken, Belgium to start our magnificent weekend to improve our swimming! There will be a programme for all levels of swimmings so beginners and real-life sharks are all welcome to join!

We will have two swim practice sessions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday! Next to that, we will organize activities, exercises, and of course relaxation games! This entire weekend will be only €27,50 and we will be staying in beautiful houses with excellent food, and a great swimming pool! Everything will be included except for alcohol. This is a training weekend, not the member’s weekend, thus the emphasis will be on improving strokes, swimming, and exercise! Therefore, the board decided that alcohol will not be offered, but if you wish to bring your own, you are welcome too! However, we want to stress that having a hangover is undesirable when you have to exercise (a lot)!

Next to that, because this weekend will take place in Belgium, we need your help with transportation! So, if you have a car, or can borrow a car we would like to ask you to help us get everybody there! Naturally, you will be reimbursed with gas money for driving there!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the Board members! And without further ado, below you can sign up, so do it quickly because there are limited places available!


* Disclaimer photos: During this weekend pictures will be taken to put it on our Instagram, Facebook, and of course for you to enjoy after the weekend. Before we will post personal pictures we will ask you for your permission. If you wish to have a photo removed, you can request this at all given time! *

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