Competition results

National Student Swimming CompetitionNSZK RESULTS

After the first NSZK, the season has officially begun! Thanks to our sharks, we are already in third place, and broke a NSZK record! Let’s get ready for the second NSZK!”

Our competition results:

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker1122.1863
A.S.Z.V. SPONS1129.1725
M.S.Z.V. Tiburón1140.0725
U.S.Z.W.F. Het Zinkstuk1206.6613
N.S.Z.W.V. Hydrofiel1207.97
D.S.Z. Wave1269.68
E.S.W.Z.V. Nayande1279.9863
Z.P.V. Piranha1326.7038
T.S.W.V. Avalon1339.1825
R.S.Z.W.V. Ragnar1343,765
E.L.S.Z.W.F. Aquamania1397.5713
S.Z.V. Aquifer1410.8425