ActivityThemed Pubquiz: Pop Culture!


Hey there cool cats ‘n kittens.

This thursday, Tiburón is hosting a pubquiz via Zoom. It will be hosted by yours truly, which promises to be exceptionally rad. (Pls show up. I’ve spent all weekend on it and I haven’t slept in 4 days).The topic will be pop culture! So jump on netflix and the interwebz to upgrade your knowledge on movies, tv shows and other popular internet shit. On top of that, you can actually win something cool!

It will start at 20:00, don’t fucking be late. You can sign up with a group on the website, or you can join a group! Groups can be max. 4 members, but if you want to join with a team of 2 or 3 this is also possible (as long as you come up with a cool team name) See ya thursday, my lovely sharks.

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