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1.   Who are you and what are you up to, when you are not spending Time with Tiburon? Heya, I’m Samuel Schultz or Sam for short. I’m originally from Zimbabwe, but grew up in South Africa. I am currently in my third year and last year (hopefully) of the Global Studies Bachelor specialising in sustainable...

It is time again… 5 years have passed and our shark just got a little bit older. To celebrate his 20th birthday in style, we organized our amazing Lustrum Gala once again. So make sure to look for your Gala dresses and suits in the depths of your closet and get them ready for this...

The next committee we will present is the Shopcie! This committee takes care of all things merch related. We make sure we order new merch so we (almost never) run out of stock, and hand it out to you at practice. By the way, have you seen all of our amazing merch? We have caps,...

Next up in our presentation of the committees is the HAAIcie! A committee you might not have heard so much of yet, as we are still busy working on our first HAAI. Maybe someone of you do not even know, what the HAAI is. Well, it is our very own club magazine that is published...