Lustrum Archives - MSZV Tiburón

What is the best way to celebrate our shark’s birthday? Right, by not swimming in the pool but partying in the pool! That is why we invite you to our very own pool party in our beloved Geusselt Bad (Discusworp 4, 6225 XP Maastricht), this time in the recreational pool. Get your fanciest swimming gear...

Some call it flying sharks, others call it sharknado and some might even call it Jumpsquare! Same as last time, we leave our natural habitat and aim for the sky, so as our next next Lustrum activity we will go to the Jumpsquare in Maastricht together. On 9th March at 19:15, we will gather at...

It is time again… 5 years have passed and our shark just got a little bit older. To celebrate his 20th birthday in style, we organized our amazing Lustrum Gala once again. So make sure to look for your Gala dresses and suits in the depths of your closet and get them ready for this...

Hey Sharkies, As you may know, Tiburón is still celebrating it’s 20th Birthday with a Lustrum year! We will kick off with an event that fits us as a sport team – bouldering! In the evening of 10th November we are organizing a bouldering session at Radium Boulders (Lage Frontweg 2b, 6219PD Maastricht). Do not be afraid...