Competition Archives - MSZV Tiburón

The last NSZK is coming up on the 25th & 26th of June, and unlike the one in Maastricht, it will only take place on Saturday and Sunday. This is our chance to defend the 3rd spot in the championship and after our win in Maastricht, we can maybe even dream of something bigger ;). The weekend...

It was about time for another competition again, and what is more fun than joining our own NSZK? On the weekend of 8-10 April Tiburón is hosting its own NSZK and we are very excited to see you all there! Together we will defend the 3rd place we have in the overall standing and maybe...

After the great time we had in Groningen, we will also get a chance this year to organize our own competition! As a NSZK weekend is full of activities it requires quite a few arrangements to be made, which is where the NSZKcie comes into play. Not everyone might know this committee as it doesn’t...

We hope you all enjoyed the first NSZK, but the real question is: are you guys ready for another weekend full of swimming and/or partying? Great! Join us during the second NSZK of the year in Leiden during the weekend of the 11th of December to defend our 3rd place! On Friday evening, we will...