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The last committee we would like to introduce to you is the PRcie! These 5 sharks gather during meetings to talk about the best ways to promote ourselves on social media (they are also the ones who came up with the idea to introduce the board and the committee via our instagram, for example). Next...

Next up in our presentation of the committees is the HAAIcie! A committee you might not have heard so much of yet, as we are still busy working on our first HAAI. Maybe someone of you do not even know, what the HAAI is. Well, it is our very own club magazine that is published...

After the great time we had in Groningen, we will also get a chance this year to organize our own competition! As a NSZK weekend is full of activities it requires quite a few arrangements to be made, which is where the NSZKcie comes into play. Not everyone might know this committee as it doesn’t...

New season, new sharks, new board but also new committees! This season, more than ever, we need your help to make the year as incredible as possible. If you are interested in joining a committee, this event is the one for you! On the first of October at 18h30, we will meet at De Beurs for...