Swim for Charity

Swim for Charity is the yearly 12-hour swim marathon organized by Avalon and the studentdesk Red Cross Tilburg. This event will take place on the night of the 22nd to the 23rd of April. During the night we will be swimming for 12 hours, from 20h00 to 08h00, to raise money for food aid in the Netherland. We will swim in a relay form with a team of 8-16 people. If we manage to form a team of 16 people it is guaranteed that will have a team with only Tiburón members, otherwise it might be possible that we will join a team of another association. A ticket for the whole night is 15 euro, it is also possible to join half of the night (20h00-02h00) this tickets costs 10 euro. You can find more information about this activity via this link: https://tszwvavalon.com/swim-for-charity/.
There are only 160 tickets for sale for this activity, so the faster you sign up, the more guarantee you have that you are allowed to join this amazing event! I will buy tickets for the first group on Wednesday the 22nd of February at 19h00. It is possible to sign-up after this date but I can not guarantee you a ticket.