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SSAC Sports Gala!!!

Halloween has passed, it gets colder and the city becomes cozier every minute. This means only one thing: it is officially autumn and so the SSAC Sports Gala is almost upon us. This amazing, annual event will be held on November 21st and is something both new and old members look forward to! This year the special theme is: Sneaker Edition. So, order your most beautiful and affordable dress, put on that nice bowtie that compliments your suit and top it off with your sneakers because we are going to show how elegant M.S.Z.V. Tiburón is on the dancefloor.

Our members will receive a discount and will only have to pay €17.50! You can also bring someone who isn’t a member, but they have to pay €25.-! Beforehand we will most likely do some predrinks, but more information will follow!

Please fill in the following contact form to join this amazing event.

    I wish to bring someone additional who is not a UM sports card holder:
    Name of invitee:

    *Disclaimer: I agree that I will pay the amount for the ticket and that this amount will not be reimbursed if I am not able to attend anymore.
    I Agree

    Notice: During the Gala pictures will be taken by a professional photographer and these pictures might be used for the promotion of future galas.

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