ActivitySSAC Cantus 2019

Picture Cantus

It is time for another cantus, this time the annual SSAC Cantus!! In other words, screaming our lungs out with beers in our hands with all the other sport associations in Maastricht!

This festive event will be on Monday, April 29 at 20:30 at the Rowing Association Saurus. Costs will only be €15,- for unlimited beer and a night that you most definitely will forget!

Let’s show all the other associations how big Tiburón is and see how much Tiburón red will cover the cantustables!

So dust off your old cantusbooklets and prepare to sing Let it Go, Hey Jude, Piano Man, and many more! Deadline to sign up is Saturday April 20 at 20:00!

This year you can also nominate others for a punishment chug which will be taken into consideration by the praesidium. So did someone betray you, did something terribly stupid or you just want to plain fuck them over, let us know by filling in the form or send an email to

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