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Spring is in the air this means it’s time to get your lazy ass off the couch and go outside. Chilling in the park is always a nice idea if the sun is shining or visiting the St. Petersberg in Maastricht. Yet, there are some other things you can also do during the spring/ summer season in the Netherlands. I made a list of some nice things you can do when you have some time off (haha, never).



It’s also known as the Venice of the Netherlands, because its unique characteristics for being a village with no streets. The canals who where build centuries ago around the village give it a unique structure that is well worth visiting. The traditional transportation is the whisper boat, that is still being used today but only this time around it’s an electric one. Next to taking a boat trip in canals, you can also discover multiple museums the town has to offer (secretly the whole town is a living museum)


The old windmills of Kinderdijk:

Ever wanting to visit and take beautiful picture of some old Dutch windmile. Just go to Kinderdijk here you can find not one but nineteen windmiles, it’s also just a half an hour away from Rotterdam. This could be a nice day trip to combine some old and new architectures together. These windmiles where build to keep the low-laying lands dry, but today they symbolise the Dutch water management and are part of UNESCO World Heritage



You can’t have spring in the Netherlands without tulips!!

Keukenhof is the place to be, where you can admire varieties of tulips and take some nice IG pictures. Walking in these garden you will most certainly feel some major spring vibes. I have been told that you can have almost the exact experience on a lower budget, by grabbing a train to Haarlem and walk around the same tulip fields. One thing I can promise you it will be busy!!




The festival season has started, with kingsland festival already behind us, there are more to come. There are countless festivals trough the Netherlands, big one and smaller one. So, all my party people, make sure you check one of these festivals out.

Alkmaar Cheese Market


Ever wanted to go to a cheese market, here is your chance every Friday morning. The cheese market in Alkmaar is the most popular and classic one. This market is no ordinary market, but rather a spectacle of carriers hauling cheeses, especially for tourists. The cheese market is surrounded by a fun art and craft market. For every cheese lover, especially those who loves Gouda Cheese, this market is something you would want to put on the to do list!!


If you made it this far, I hope I inspired you to do one these activities. Otherwise let you see or remind you of how beautiful the Netherlands is. If you feel I left an important place, leave it down the comments below. Have a nice weekend my fellow Sharkies and we will see each other on the next post.


Lots, off love,