Speedo Swim-in Leiden


This year the 11th edition of the Speedo Swim-in Leiden is taking place. On Sunday the 11th of June at the Huigpark (2312 CX Leiden), you will have the opportunity to swim in the canals of Leiden city. Additionally, the Dutch Student Open Water Championships are a part of the Swim-In, so you can even become a champion! Unlike NSZK’s this competition only takes place on the Saturday, not for the whole weekend. But if you want to organize your own party on the Saturday night, the association of Leiden will try to arrange a sleeping spot for you.

As a student, you can choose to swim 1000 freestyle and/or 1000 breaststroke. In addition to that you can also sign up for a 4×100 freestyle relay, this can be with a Tiburón team, or if you would like to swim it anyways and Tiburón doesn’t have enough people you can be mixed with people from another association. The costs for an individual distance are 11 euros, and 15 euros if you want to swim both distances. Swimming a relay costs 4 euros in total 1 euro per person, and as there is electronic timekeeping there will also be 3 euros costs for that. If you want to have a paper program booklet (instead of digital) you can order one for €1.