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Dear Sharks,

In the weekend of 29-31 March NSZK III will take place in Amsterdam. We are half way now; two NSZKs past, two more to go!! So, the third one will be in the beautiful capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.

As usual there will be pre-drinks on Friday. It is possible to sleepover afterwards, just click on sleeping on Friday! However, due to exams it is very reasonable to only join on Saturday, since the competition is the most important acitivity during the weekend and the party the most fun, of course. Between the competition and the party there will be a diner; Pizza from Domino’s!! On Saturday, there will also be the possibility to sleepover.

The programma of the competition is:

  1. 4x 50 butterfly mix
  2. 100 breaststroke women
  3. 100 breaststroke men
  4. 50 freestyle women
  5. 50 freestyle men
  6. 200 back women
  7. 200 back men
  8. 50 butterfly women
  9. 50 butterfly men
  10. 100 freestyle women
  11. 100 freestyle men
  12. 50 back women
  13. 50 back men
  14. 400 freestyle women
  15. 400 freestyle men
  16. 50 breaststroke women
  17. 50 breaststroke men
  18. 100 butterfly women
  19. 100 butterfly men
  20. 4×50 medley women
  21. 4×100 free men

If you have any question, you can leave it in the comments or feel free to ask one of the broad members. I hope to see you all there! <3

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