ONKS Wageningen


What do you think about holding the title of Dutch Student Swimming Champion? Even though Carnival will not be the best preparation, you can still test your chance and go for the title! On the weekend of 24-25-26 February, we will travel to Wageningen and Amersfoort for the Dutch Student Championships. The weekend will have the same set-up as an NSZK: a pre-party, competition, dinner and afterparty. But this time we will have fun in 2 cities instead of one!

On Friday there will be a pre-party in Wageningen at the Bunker (Dijkgraaf 6, 6708 PG, Wageningen). After a good night of sleep at one of the member’s houses, you will be ready to compete in Amersfoort at the Sportcomplex Amerena (De Velduil 2, 3815 XT Amersfoort). You can take a shuttle bus from Wageningen to Amersfoort if you went to the pre-party; keep in mind that you have to pay for this. After the competition, we will head back to Wageningen to enjoy some pizza together. Saturday evening it will be time for the moment that we have all been waiting for, the theme party! It will take place in Wageningen at 2 different locations: one at the Bunker (same place as the pre-party (Dijkgraaf 6, 6708 PG, Wageningen)) and one at the International Club (Marijkeweg 31, 6709 PE, Wageningen). We will sleep in the sports hall the Bongerd (Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE Wageningen) on Saturday.

So just to be clear: everything will take place in Wageningen except for the competition, which is in Amersfoort. There will be shuttle buses between the cities, which you have to pay for.

Important: the costs of transportation to Wageningen are not included, so you have to pay for this yourself.

Note: you can only join the pre-drinks and the theme party if you are 18+. You will have to bring your ID and student card.


Sleeping Friday: 2 euros

Competition: 0 euro

Dinner + party: 8 euros

Sleeping Saturday: 2 euros

Bus single trip: 5-10 euros (depending on the number of sign-ups)

Bus retour ticket: 10-20 euros (depending on the number of sign-ups)

The program can be found below and more information can be found in the email you have received:

1.     4×50 medley mix

2.     100 fly women 

3.     100 fly men 

4.     50 back women 

5.     50 back men 

6.     100 free women 

7.     100 free men 

8.     50 breaststroke women 

9.     50 breaststroke men 

10.  100 back women 

11.  100 back men 

12.  50 fly women 

13.  50 fly men 

14.  100 breaststroke women 

15.  100 breaststroke men 

16.  50 free women 

17.  50 free men 

18.  4×100 free women

19.  4×100 free men