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Dear Sharks,

During the weekend of February 22nd ’till 24th the ONKS Rotterdam will take place! We start off on Friday with some predrinks, the competition on Saturday (23rd of February) and in the evening there will be an amazing party!! Theme of the weekend is Dirty Disney and you cannot miss it!!

Sleeping places and dinner will be arranged for you and more information will follow as soon as we get it!

This competition is a bit different from the NSZKs, because this competition is about individual performances instead of the best team. Do not be discouraged if you do not win, the competitors are from a high level of swimming. So try your best, improve yourself, cheer on your team mates, but most of all have fun!

You do not have to be present during all parts of the weekend, so just specify what you want to join!

You can sign up until Tuesday February 5, 2019.

The program of the competition is:

  1. 4×50 medley mixed
  2. 100 Butterfly women
  3. 100 Butterfly men
  4. 50 Backstroke women
  5. 50 Backstroke men
  6. 100 Freestyle women
  7. 100 Freestyle men
  8. 50 Breaststroke women
  9. 50 Breaststroke men
  10. 200 Individual Medley women
  11. 200 Individual Medley men
  12. 50 Butterfly women
  13. 50 Butterfly  men
  14. 200 Freestyle women
  15. 200 Freestyle men
  16. 100 Backstroke women
  17. 100 Backstroke men
  18. 50 Freestyle women
  19. 50 Freestyle men
  20. 100 Breaststroke women
  21. 100 Breaststroke men
  22. 4×100 Freestyle women
  23. 4×100 Medley Relay men

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    I accept that once I have signed up I will pay for the weekend even if I am not able to come anymore. If something happens I need Kathleen's approval in order to withdraw my participation.
    Yes, I accept

    Hope to see you there <3

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