NSZK III Maastricht


It was about time for another competition again, and what is more fun than joining our own NSZK? On the weekend of 8-10 April Tiburón is hosting its own NSZK and we are very excited to see you all there! Together we will defend the 3rd place we have in the overall standing and maybe there is room to move up a spot, who knows?

On Friday we will start with predrinks at de Nuie Geusselt zoal, after which we all go home to our own beds. On Saturday, we will compete with our sister associations after which we replenish our energy reservoirs with some pizza. In the evening on Saturday, we will have the afterparty which this time starts with a cantus! After the party, we all return to our beds safely (hopefully) and for a change we don’t have to take a long train home on Sunday. You can sign up for different parts of the weekend separately, but costs will be attached (see info mail). Hope to see you all there!

The program is as follows:

1.      4 x 50 Breaststroke mixed
2.      100 Backstroke men
3.      100 Backstroke women
4.      50 Breaststroke men
5.      50 Breaststroke women
6.      400 Freestyle men
7.      400 Freestyle women
8.      50 Fly men
9.      50 Fly women
10.   100 Breaststroke men
11.   100 Breaststroke women
12.   200 Backstroke men
13.   200 Backstroke women
14.   50 Freestyle men
15.   50 Freestyle women
16.   100 Fly men
17.   100 Fly women
18.   50 Backstroke men
19.   50 Backstroke women
20.   4 x 50 Freestyle men
21.   4 x 50 Freestyle women


If you’re an ex-tc/sponsor member please indicate so in the comment box at the bottom of the form