General NewsNSZK IV Enschede programme


Deadline: 21-05-2016

NSZK IV distances

  1. 4x50m Butterfly relay mix
  2. 50m breaststroke WOMEN
  3. 50m Breaststroke MEN
  4. 100m Freestyle WOMEN
  5. 100m Freestyle MEN
  6. 100m Medley WOMEN
  7. 100m Medley MEN
  8. 50m Backstroke WOMEN
  9. 50m Backstroke MEN
  10. 100m Butterfly WOMEN
  11. 100m Butterfly MEN
  12. 50m Freestyle WOMEN
  13. 50m Freestyle MEN
  14. 200 Breaststroke WOMEN
  15. 200 Breaststroke MEN
  16. 50m Butterfly WOMEN
  17. 50m Butterfly MEN
  18. 100m Backstroke WOMEN
  19. 100m Backstroke MEN
  20. 4x50m Freestyle Relay WOMEN
  21. 4x100m Medley Relay MEN


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