NSZK III – Leiden


The third NSZK will take place from the 19 to 21 of April in Leiden. This is our opportunity to prove our third place…or climb up.

The weekend will be as follows: on Friday the 19th of April there will be a pre-drinks at Bourbon Street (Noordeinde 44, 2311 CE Leiden), starting at 20:00 till 01:00. This party is 18+.

Friday and Saturday sleeping spots will be at Universitair Sportcentrum  (Einsteinweg 6, 2333 CC Leiden).

On Saturday 20th of April, it is time to compete! This will happen directly at the swimming pool – Binnenbad de Vliet (Marie Diebenplaats 104, 2324 GN Leiden). Entry to the pool is at 13:15, as warmup begins at 13:30. The competition begins at 14:00 and ends at 19:00. This is a 25 meter pool!

Around 19:45 there will be dinner at the pool. Dinner is Italian, with meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

After the competition is over and everyone has eaten, it is time to have fun and party! This will happen in NEXT (Langebrug 6-A, 2311 TK Leiden),. The party starts at 22:00 and will last until 04:00. The doors will close at 23:30 so make sure to arrive on time!

IMPORTANT: There will be an ID check at the door. If someone cannot show ID, access to the party will be denied. At the party, beverages can only be paid by card.

After the party, we will all get some sleep. On Sunday we will return to Maastricht!

The costs for this NSZK are as follows:

– Sleeping on Friday: € 2,00

– Competition: free

– Dinner + Party: € 8,00

– Sleeping on Saturday: € 2,00

The competition programme is as follows

4×50 back mixed
100 freestyle women
100 freestyle men
50 butterfly women
50 butterfly men
100 backstroke women
100 backstroke men
50 freestyle women
50 freestyle men
200 breaststroke women
200 breaststroke men
50 backstroke women
50 backstroke men
100 butterfly women
100 butterfly men
400 freestyle women
400 freestyle men
50 breaststroke women
50 breaststroke men
4×50 medley women
4×50 medley men

Keep in mind that you have to pay the transport to Leiden yourself.