CompetitionNSZK I Wageningen

Harry Potter shark kleiner

Hi Sharkies!

The first NSZK of the year is coming up and it’s going to be magical! Everybody is welcome, from beginners to more experienced swimmers because this weekend will be filled with swimming, beer and meeting people who love swimming from all over the Netherlands! This competition will take place in Wageningen on October 11th-13th. We will kick of this weekend with some predrinks and a Harry Potter themed pubquiz on Friday. On Saturday the competition itself will be held. Afterwards there will be food trucks near the pool where everybody can get something nice to eat and then we will go to the Hogwarts party! Unfortunately people under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to go to big parties in Wageningen, so you can only join this party if you are 18 or over… It is of course possible to sleepover in Wageningen and to join each activity seperately!

The program of the competition is:

  1. 4x 50m backstroke Mix
  2. 100m butterfly Women
  3. 100m butterfly Men
  4. 50m backstroke Women
  5. 50m backstroke Men
  6. 200m breaststroke Women
  7. 200m breaststroke Men
  8. 50m freestyle Women
  9. 50m freestyle Men
  10. 100m backstroke Women
  11. 100m backstroke Men
  12. 50m butterfly Women
  13. 50m butterfly Men
  14. 400m IM Women
  15. 400m IM Men
  16. 50m breaststroke Women
  17. 50m  breaststroke Men
  18. 100m freestyle Women
  19. 100m freestyle Men
  20. 4x 100m freestyle Women
  21. 4x 100m medley Men

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Jasmijn!

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