NSZK I Utrecht


The first NSZK will take place from the 6th to the 8th of October in Utrecht. This is our first chance to show the other associations how fast we are, so we need you there! 

The weekend will be as follows: on Friday the 6th of October there will be a pre-drinks at Zwembad Krommerijn (Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, 3584AD Utrecht), starting at 20:30 till 00:15. 

On Friday sleeping spots will be arranged.

On Saturday 7th of Octoberit’s time for the real competition! This will happen directly at the swimming pool (Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, 3584AD Utrecht).  We will be able to enter the pool at 15:15, as warm-ups will  begin at 15:30. The competition is set to start at 16:00. At the pool there will be a place to drop luggage. This will be a 50 meter pool!

As the competition may last late, dinner will be provided at the clubhouse, which is located in the pool. There will not be any shifts as everyone is expected to eat directly after their last event. After the competition is over and everyone has ate, it is time to party! This will happen in Woolloomooloo (Janskerkhof 14, 3512 BL Utrecht). The party starts at 22:00 and will last until 03:00. There is a wardrobe for coats and a separate room for other luggage. 

IMPORTANT: There will be an ID check at the door. If someone cannot show ID, access to the party will be denied. At the party, coins need to be used to order beverages.

After the party we will all get some sleep. On sunday we will have to leave the sleeping area at 8am. 

The costs for this NSZK are as follows:

– Sleeping on Friday: € 2,00

– Competition: free

– Dinner + Party: € 8,00

– Sleeping on Saturday: € 2,00

The competition programme is as follows

4×50 breaststroke mixed
100 freestyle women
100 freestyle men
50 backstroke women
50 backstroke men
100 butterfly women
100 butterfly men
50 breaststroke women
50 breaststroke men
200 medley women
200 medley men
50 freestyle women
50 freestyle men
4×100 freestyle women
4×100 freestyle men
200 backstroke women
200 backstroke men
100 breaststroke women
100 breaststroke men
50 butterfly women
50 butterfly men

Keep in mind that you have to pay the transport to Utrecht yourself.