NSZK Enschede


After a long time waiting for it, we are finally able to compete during an NSZK!

The competition will be held in the 25m UT outdoor pool in Enschede and is open to everyone: from beginners to the most experienced ones of us. This will take place during the weekend of the 14th of August. On Friday, the weekend will be kicked off by having pre-drinks. On Saturday, the competition will take place after which we will be eating some delicious pizzas. During the evening, we will be dancing and drinking the night away at the student association Audentis on the Oude Markt. For both nights, sleeping places will be arranged. The exact times of each event will be made known later on.

Note: You can only join the pre-drinks and the party if you are 18+ years old.

Here is the program of the competition:

  1. 4x100m freestyle – men
  2. 4x100m freestyle – women
  3. 100m butterfly – men
  4. 100m butterfly – women
  5. 50m breaststroke – men
  6. 50m breaststroke – women
  7. 100m freestyle – men
  8. 100m freestlyle – women
  9. 50m backstroke – men
  10. 50m backstroke – women
  11. 200m freestyle – men
  12. 200m freestyle – women
  13. 100m breaststroke – men
  14. 100m breaststroke – women
  15. 50m freestyle – men
  16. 50m freestyle – women
  17. 200m IM – men
  18. 200m IM – women
  19. 50m butterfly – men
  20. 50m butterfly – women
  21. 8x50m freestyle – mixed


We hope to see you in Enschede and if you have any questions or want to chat, do not hesitate to contact Linde!