NSZK 1 Groningen


Ready for a weekend full of swimming and/or partying? Join us during the first NSZK (competition) of the year in Groningen during the weekend of the 8th October!

On Friday evening, we will have some pre-drinks in the city of Groningen after which we will go our separate ways to catch some sleep at a Golfbreker’s member’s place (or some other location). On Saturday, we will compete in a 25m pool starting 13h15! After that, we will get some energy back thanks to a delicious dinner. And since we all like to have fun, we will join an amazing party afterwards! When we’ll be too tired to dance (or just because the bar closes), we’ll go catch some sleep to be awake on the train back home to hear about all of the things we did the night before (classic party memory loss, you know).

You can sign up for all or parts of the weekend, but know that costs will be attached!

Note: You may only join the party if you are 18+ (the theme of the party will be known later on)

Here is the program of the competition:

4x50m back mix

100m freestyle ladies 

100m freestyle men

50m butterfly ladies

50m butterfly men

200m breaststroke ladies

200m breaststroke men

50m freestyle ladies

50m freestyle men

100m backstroke ladies

100m backstroke men

50m breaststroke ladies

50m breaststroke men

200m IM ladies

200m IM men

50m backstroke ladies

50m backstroke men

100m butterfly ladies

100m butterfly men

4x100m freestyle ladies

4x50m IM men

An overview of the prices:

Party on Friday + dinner on Saturday: €6.50

Sleeping on Friday (breakfast included): €1,00

Bus Groningen-Heerenveen: €5,00