NSWK Tilburg


On Sunday the 12th of March, we will be joining the NSWK, which is a student Waterpolo competition! During that weekend, there will also be a pre-party on Saturday the 11th of December, just like the NSZKs (you can even score bingo points). It will take place at feestcare de Prins (Paleisring 15, Tilburg) from 21h00 until 2h00. This party also has a theme, which has yet to be revealed. After the party, we will sleep in a sleeping hall at the Sports Center of Tilburg University (Academielaan 5, Tilburg). After a good night of rest, we will go to the competition together on Sunday.

The competition will take place in Sportcomplex Drieburcht (Wagnerplein 1, Tilburg) from 13h00 until 19h00, there are no matches scheduled for the last hour, this is reserved for extension. There will be two different groups for the competition. There is one group for teams competing who can actually play Waterpolo and then there is a second group for teams who are mainly swimmers, which is where we will end up. To clarify, we are joining for fun so it doesn’t matter if you have a history with Waterpolo or not. After the competition, there will be a dinner which you can join if you want. In the end, we will all go back to Maastricht together again.
The sign-up deadline for this is on Thursday the 23rd of February.