ActivityNSWK 4 Delft


Are you ready to play a waterpolo competition in an outside pool?! Then sign-up for the NSWK which takes place on the 20th of May at swimming pool De Put in Rijswijk (Huis te Landelaan 29A, 2283 TC Rijswijk). This pool is easily accessible by public transport if you travel to Station Rijswijk and walk for 10-15 minutes. OV-bikes are also available at Delft, this is a +/- 20 minutes ride.

There will be two different groups for the competition. There is one group for teams competing who can actually play Waterpolo and then there is a second group for teams who are mainly swimmers, which is where we will end up. The beginners team will playing on a beach water polo field. Which has different rules than the normal waterpolo, this also includes that a match will be played by 4 people, including a goalkeeper.  To clarify, we are joining for fun so it doesn’t matter if you have a history with Waterpolo or not. After the competition, there will be a dinner and a theme party which you can join if you want.