NSWK 3 – Utrecht


NSWK 3 will take place in Utrecht on the weekend of 23-24 March 2024! This is like an NSZK but playing water polo!

The weekend will have a similar set-up as an NSZK: a party, competition, and dinner.

Before we can enjoy the tournament, there will first be a party on Saturday night in De Grote Catacomben (Oudegracht 3, Utrecht), starting at 21:00, doors closing at 23:00, till 02:00. The theme of the party is ‘Iconic Duos/Trio’s/Quartets’. With ODZ: Together is better than alone.  OODZ: Together is never alone. This is 18+ only!

The matches will be played in Zwembad De Krommerijn (Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, Utrecht) between 15:00-19:00. The beginners (what we will join) will play beach water polo (with as main rules: 4 against 4, fast subtitution, resume play immediately after a goal & after a U20 you may return as soon as you have touched your own penalty corner).

Afterwards there is the possibility to stay for dinner. The pool bar is open to get drinks (pin only), you can only buy alcoholic beverages after you have played your last game.

Party Saturday: 5.5 euros max

Sleeping Saturday: 2 euros

Competition: TBD

Dinner: 7 euros max