Member of the month – Tiburón’s favorite moments with Victor!


The first month of 2022 is coming to an end, meaning it is time to introduce you to Tiburón’s first member of the month: our one and only Victor.

I think that by now, all of you know him and have met him either in the pool, where he is actually swimming quite regularly, or at one of the activities. And I am also quite sure that he left an impression on you because that is just the way he is: a very memorable person. So let’s go back in time and have a little recap about our favorite moments with Victor.

It all started with him deciding to join us in September 2017 after moving to Maastricht for his Master’s and very quickly picking up the Tiburón spirit by joining almost all the activities. Already back then, he showed that he knows how to party but was still always ready to take care of everyone if they had one or two too many drinks. However, he also showed everyone that he would fight for his life to win either NSZKs or members weekend challenges. With the Harry Potter members weekend theme that year, he got so competitive about protecting his group’s flag that quite some people where tackled down while trying to steal it. (Warning here: that has not changed so far, so watch out during members weekend, see picture for reference) To be fair, that was only necessary because our current SwimCo, Jordi, lost it after three minutes of taking care of it so we get your point Victor!

Apparently, he loved Tiburón enough to immediately commit to it by becoming president of the 18th board. During that year he partied (but also swam) even more than during his first year and supported his SwimCo, by making sure Tiburón would also not be lacking in the NSZK bingo challenges. He also knew all his members very well and ensured that, during the members weekend cantus that year, no one would be too low on drinks by snitching on every single person in the room. Especially, belly button shots were a big hit during that cantus, as he made Lea and me take them, because we were (and still are) very much a package deal since the day we signed up for Tiburón. The INKOM theme he and his PRcie came up with was a banger: „Where wet dreams become reality“, let’s say it sparked some attention during the INKOM but was also the perfect ending for his board year.

Of course, he stayed with Tiburón even though he was not a board member anymore and ever since has been a very active member and supported us in the hardest times (being the corona times, as we all know) by making sure we would stay fit by organizing the online boot camp. Ever since we could have events again, Victor is also making sure that everyone is having fun at the activities, he especially loves to do that by introducing dices to intro weekend predrinks, our cobo, or pubcrawls… So watch out for your drinks when you see him around at the next Tiburón party.

As you can see from this, we always had an amazing time with Victor, not only because he is the life of every party but also because is dedicated to Tiburón and a helping hand for us as a board. As part of the PRcie, NSZKcie and the LustrumCie he is helping us with organizing our events and making Tiburón such an amazing team! Apparently, he still loves Tiburón as much as we love him for all the support and fun party evenings with him!