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As you may have noticed the Lustrum Games have begun! The first passports have been handed out to the Tiburón Swimmers, which is YOUR most valuable item.

The rules & regulations:

…Please switch off your phones and put them in your bag…

– Every Tiburón activity you get a stamp:

NSZK/NSK or other weekends stamps will be doubled

Regular activities = 1 stamp.

– Additionaly:

Swimming outside the normal training hours = 1 stamp (maximum of 5)*

UM sports activities, for instance club power = 1 stamp (max 4)*

Extra assignments, posted on Facebook/Whatsapp = 1 stamp

*= photo should be posted in a Tiburón Facebook/Whatsapp group or send to us.

Lost your passport? There will be ways to earn it back! Don’t have one yet? Contact us!

The price? Some already caught a glimpse of the reward… (for those who missed it check Facebook)

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