Lustrum dinner


On the 26th of May at 18:30, we will continue the celebrations of our fourth Lustrum with a nice dinner!

You can sign up with up to 2 other members with whom you will have to come up with a theme and a three course dinner to share together. You may also sign up alone, and we will take care of putting you with a nice group of people!

Throughout the dinner, you will be asked to send pictures of your meals and of the decoration you have come up with. Points will be awarded to the most creative teams. You will also be asked to complete small challenges throughout the dinner to gain even more points and secure your win.

As turning 20 has made us very generous, we will be covering some of the expenses you make for this activity (you will be informed of exactly how much a few days before the activity).


The winning team will receive a bottle of cava to share at the end of dinner to celebrate even more!


Sign ups are now closed