ActivityLadies & Gents Night

Adam Kreutinger,  dressed as Shark Girl, made his own costume that he'll use during the upcoming school year to teach students in his art class about contemporary sculpture is pictured at Canalside on Thursday, July 30, 2015. (Harry Scull Jr / Buffalo News)

A crowd favourite is back; it’s time for the Ladies& Gents Night! On the 26th of June we are mixing things up. At Tiburón we try blending the genders together into one family, but for one night we will break the rules and separate them. Afterwards, we’ll reunite everyone at the Twee Heeren! The activity will start at 20:00, locations will be announced soon! The activity will cost around €15.

See ya there!

PS. Is the picture too weird? It’s a girl dressed like a shark and a guy dressed like a girl dressed like a shark, normal stuff right?