ActivityIntroduction Weekend (Online edition)


Dear (new) Sharks,

As you may have noticed at practice, we have been joined by quite a few new sharks and we are so excited for them to see how fun we can be! To get them to know us a bit more, we are organizing introduction weekend on the 09/10 till the 11/10. Due to the current situation, we are not able to host the weekend as we normally do, but believe me you are not going to want to miss it! Here is the adapted schedule of the weekend:


On Friday evening, we will host an online beer pong tournament! To join this activity, you will need beer, some plastic cups, a ping-pong (or similar) ball, and a drive to win!


During the afternoon, you will be given a list of challenges to complete in a given time (Crazy 88). Of course, you will not be working on the Crazy 88 alone: You will be in a team with some fellow sharks! The winning team will receive a veryyyy exciting prize so make sure to be ready for all kinds of challenges!

In the evening, we will host an Online Cantus! Drinking, singing and punishments will be on the menu so get some red clothes and prepare for some chugging hehe. For this you will need a cup, BEERS, and some random ingredients for punishments (we will send you a list with a few ideas of what you could buy for this).


On Sunday, we are expecting you to be hungover (cantus rarely does not lead to a good old hangover). To help you recover, a very special guest will be giving us a cooking workshop to get some good food in our bellies and help us recover. For this activity, you will obviously need the necessary ingredients, so we will provide a shopping list at a later time!


Note that if the measures change and it is possible to hold offline activities again, we will change the schedule to allow this

Hope to see you soon! <3


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