ActivityIntroduction Weekend 2019


Hello old and new (baby) Sharks!

According to tradition, Tiburón will host the yearly introduction weekend in the weekend of 4-6 October! It will be a great way to get to know your fellow swimmers outside of the pool (because chatting is a bit hard when your face is in the water).

The weekend wil consist of ‘Get To Know Us’-drinks on Friday where we have a few (or more) drinks, play some games and have a first impression of each other. On Saturday you will be divided in groups and compete against each other in a series of games. The prize is still a secret, but on top of that you will be rewarded with eternal fame (which honestly, is worth the most)! After a day of harsh competition you will enjoy delicious meal at the Twee Heeren, after which you have the opportunity to follow your lifelong dream of winning The Voice during our Cantus which will be hosted at Koko. On Sunday we will provide a little ‘cycling brunch’ for you to battle your hangover and then unfortunately the weekend will come to an end.

The estimated costs for the activities will be the following:

Friday drinks: €2

Saturday activities: €3

Dinner: €10

Cantus (with unlimited beer!): €12

Brunch: €3

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