General NewsIntroduction Weekend 2018


Friday: October 5th @21:00
Location: To be announced

What is the best way to start a weekend full of fun and drinks? Exactly, more drinks, and that is why we are having predrinks on Friday. Beer, wine, soda & snacks will be provided by us and games to get to know each other (read beerpong, alcoholic 30 seconds & shottwister). If these low alcoholic beverages are not enough for you, feel free to bring hard liquor. Around midnight we will take the party to the city to show you how Tiburón sets the bar for the Maastricht night life. Estimated costs: €2.-

Saturday Game: October 6th @13:00
Location: Market

Out of personal experience we are giving you the morning off to sober up, because we all know that “one beer at the bar” will turn into stumbling home at 5:30 with a kebab in your left hand and a regrets in your right. We will meet up at 13:00 to test your riddle solving skills and friendly competitiveness with games during a fun afternoon getting to know the innercity of Maastricht. Estimated costs: €3.-

Saturday Dinner: 30th of September @17:30
Location: De Twee Heeren, Platielstraat 17-19

After an afternoon of gears grinding in your head and winning games you surely need some new energy and you will find that in the one thing that is always there for you: food. You can choose between Salad Valdieu, Saté or a Beefburger. All the dishes will be served with fries and you have the opportunity to freshen up and get ready for the cantus afterwards. The estimated costs for the dinner will be €10.-.

Saturday Cantus: 30th of September @20:30
Location: SV KOKO, Gebroeders Hermansstraat 11-13

Full stomach? Check! Newly found energy? Check! Drunk? We’ll take care of that! During this evening we will have a cantus and it will not be like the INKOM cantus, but you will see once you arrive. We do have three tips for you:
1. Wear a Tiburón t-shirt or a red t-shirt. 2. BE ON TIME!!! We start exactly at 20:30! 3. Have fun but behave unlike the old members! You can decide yourself if you want to follow up to these tips, but there might be consequences if you don’t! If everybody is still able to walk and still feel like you can escalate even more, join us to the Twee Heeren to continue the party there. The estimated costs for the cantus will be €12.- for unlimited beer.

Sunday: 7th of October @11:00
Location: Multiple addresses

What is the best way to cure a hangover than with a good breakfast and some exercise? Don’t worry, you won’t have to swim but just cycle to three houses which all have their own brunch speciality! Here you can discuss where it all went wrong the night before and reminiscence about the whole weekend if you are still able to remember it. The location will be announced later. Estimated costs: €3.-

You can join for the whole weekend, but you can also select the days/activities that you want participate in.

Be aware, once you sign up, the costs will be charged afterwards by Tiburón, even if you don’t show up that day. The cost may vary from the estimated cost, but it won’t be a huge difference.


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