Get to know your confidence person – Jasmijn van Rossum


After our board introduction, we will today introduce our confidence person Jasmijn to you. She is there to listen to you, no matter what it is about. But I guess bets is, if you hear it from her herself, so here you go sharkies!

1. Who are you and what are you up to, when you are not spending time with Tiburón?

Hola sharkies! I’m Jasmijn van Rossum and I will be the confidence person this year. I’m 22 years old and grew up in Zelhem, a small village in the Achterhoek/‘Backcorner’ (also known as the best region in the Netherlands, due to its origin of the most amazing beer: Grolsch 😉). However, for the last three years I’ve been living in Maastricht. Last year I’ve finished my bachelors in Health Sciences and right now I’m doing a masters in Neuropsychology. Next to studying and spending time with Tiburón, I love to get lunch/dinner with friends or going to the movies.

2. Since when are you a member of Tiburón and what do you like most?

I became a member of Tiburón during my first year in Maastricht, so that would be in 2018. Back at home I was also a member of our local swim team and I wanted to continue doing that while studying, but during my time at Tiburón I found out that my talents might lie more in partying than in swimming. Therefore, the things I like most at Tiburón are definitely the parties at the NSZK’s. This is a great place to meet new people from all over the Netherlands and my best student time memories are made at those parties!


3. What is the job of the confidence person? When should/can people contact you?
As the confidence person I am the person you can go to if you have any problems or concerns. Of course, the board is also there for you if you are struggling with something, but if you have a problem with someone from the board or just want to talk to someone who isn’t a part of the board, then you can always come up to me. I will listen to your stories and concerns and together we will try to think of the best solution for your problems. Also important to know is that I will treat everything you tell me confidentially and will not tell anyone about it. If it is necessary to seek external help, I will be there to help you with it!

4. What are you looking forward to the most during the up coming year?
That will definitely be the NSZK in Maastricht this year! Two years ago I was the swimcoordinator of the 19th board and therefore in charge of organising the NSZK that would be in Maastricht that year. However, as we all know, COVID and multiple lockdowns happened, and we had to cancel the NSZK that year. That’s why I am super excited to finally join an NSZK in Maastricht!