Get to know your committees – The NSZK committee!


After the great time we had in Groningen, we will also get a chance this year to organize our own competition! As a NSZK weekend is full of activities it requires quite a few arrangements to be made, which is where the NSZKcie comes into play. Not everyone might know this committee as it doesn’t exist every year. Only in the years that we have the opportunity to organize a competition in Maastricht there is an NSZKcie. As this is the case this year, it was time to find some people to join the NSZKcie – luckily we found 7 motivated sharks to help us out.

You might be wondering what we actually do and well that is quite diverse. Our job ranges from arranging party locations, DJ’s and dinner to for example making sure that there are enough officials present at the competition. All of these tasks are divided among the committee members where everyone has a specific event. The SwimCo is there to keep an overview and help everyone out where needed.

Usually the number of participants from a NSZK ranges from 350-450, so some things really need to be thought through for such a big crowd! To summarize it in a few words its our job to make the competition run as smooth as possible and make sure everyone is having fun!

An important note here is that we have switched the date NSZKIII to 8-9-10 April, so make sure to put that in your agenda’s. We hope to see all of you there!