Get to know your Committee – The Lustrum Committee


And once again it is time to introduce one of the committees, this time, the Lustrum Committee! This is a very special one (I know your mum also said you are special)… But in this case it is actually true. Only every five years there is a Lustrum to celebrate the birthday of our lovely shark. As he turned 20 years old in April last year, it was time again for another Lustrum! Unfortunately, we could not celebrate as we would have liked to last April, so it was decided to just make a whole Lustrum year instead of just a month. Not bad right?

Well, a lot of advertising is done. So lets move on to the important questions, such as what do we actually do? As you might have noticed, this committee has as few more members than other committees. Since there is a loooot to organize, the committee is subdivided into different smaller committees namely Promotion, Merchandise, Year book, Pool party and Gala committee. They are each responsible for a small part of the whole Lustrum project and there are great things laying a head of us.

From the different committees you probably already guessed that we will have a pool party and a Gala. How amazing, right? Don’t forget to save the dates in your agenda, because it will be worth join both of the events. Next to organizing those, we are also designing a year book with stories about all the 20 years of Tiburón. We start with how the club was actually founded, all the funny stories that happend through out the years and there will also be a story about a Tiburón Baby.

Next to that we also sell special merchandise. These are shot glasses, the must have a t every Tiburón party, and special Lustrum Hoodies, which are the perfect extension to your Tiburón clothing stack! If you want to check it out just head over to our shop and you will be able to order as many as you want. Especially the shot glasses are also great gifts for your shark friends.

All in all, we have a lot of different tasks and events to organize, but thankfully our amazing committee is handling it very well and will make the best our of the Lustrum year for you!