Blog postGet to know your board! – Treasurer Kirstin Barkhuis


1.   Who are you and what are you up to, when you are not spending Time with Tiburon?

Hi, my name is Kirstin, I will be the treasurer on the 22nd board. I’m originally from Canada and am now in my 2nd year of biomedical sciences bachelor at the university. When I’m not spending time with Tiburón, I am usually out spending time with friends, studying or

2.  What made you decide to learn how to swim like a shark rather than float like a turtle?

Swimming has been a very large part of my life since a pretty young age. I have always enjoyed the sport and found a love for continuously pushing myself to do better in it. I swam competitively for about 10 years and stopped the year before coming to Maastricht. I no longer wanted to dedicate my whole life to the sport, and when I arrived in Maastricht I was very interested in the student swim team, as it allowed me to continue the sport I love, as well as balance it with a nice student life.

3.   Why did you decide to become a board member?

As I got to know the people in the swim team more and more, I really saw how strong the bond was between the board members. Sanne (the swim coordinator) and I thought it could be fun to see what would happen if we applied. The opportunity to experience being the face of an association and to be able to meet so many people does not come every day!

4.   What is your position actually about? What are you doing?

As treasurer, I am responsible for the finances of the association. I have made a proposal budget already as an overview of how this year will play out. Before GMA’s I tend to the finances, making sure the income and expenses are in line. I will of course not be doing this alone, I will send my documents to my kasco before their publication in order to make sure no mistakes were made. I will also take over the Shopcie and the ex-tc, which in term means that the Tiburón merch will also be something I need to take care of as well as keep an eye on the ex-tc members and make sure everything is going well for them.

5.   What is your favourite Tiburón memory?

My favourite Tiburón memory is during the party of the NSZK that we hosted here in Maastricht. After our day of competing in the swimming pool, we all enjoyed a drink (or two or three…), and we listened to the results of the competition. The moment of celebration that the whole team shared when we were announced as winners of our home competition was amazing. This is the first time that Tiburón has ever won a competition, and we were able to do it in our hometown as well as share these moments with amazing people around us.

6.   What are you looking forward to the most during the up coming year?

I am looking forward to many aspects of this year. Although it will be a lot of work, I am excited to be working alongside my fellow board members as we get along very well. Furthermore, I am very excited for the people I will meet throughout this adventure of a year.