Get to know your board! – Secretary Giorgia Gugliotta


1.   Who are you and what are you up to, when you are not spending Time with Tiburón?

Hello everyone, my name is Giorgia, and I am a 19-year-old girl from Italy. Exactly from Sicily, which, for those who do not know, it’s an island in the very south of Italy. I grew up surrounded by the sea, and there my passion for swimming started. I moved here to study European Studies since I am passionate about politics. When I am not spending time with Tiburon, I love cooking and spending time with my friends.

2.  What made you decide that you wanted to be a shark?

I decided to become a shark because I wanted to continue swimming, and I thought that this would have been the perfect environment to meet new people with whom I share a passion.

3.   Why did you decide to become a board member?

I really enjoyed last year’s activities, and I thought that being more involved in the association and assuming bigger responsibilities would be an amazing experience, in addition I think that being part of an association like this during your uni years can only help you make new long-lasting friendship, and it surely helps you to live this year to the fullest.

4.   What is your position actually about? What are you doing?

I am in charge of all internal communication among the members in my capacity as secretary. This entails that I react to all of your emails, respond to all of your question, and keep you informed of all events and information. Important, I am also in charge of writing the newsletter monthly, there you find some recaps of past activities and, again, important information you need to know. Additionally, I create three miniature journals about our association each year with my HAAIcie (which is the committee I am responsible for). So please do not hesitate to text me if you are interested in assisting me with that. I promise you, that you will have fun! In addition, I’ll update Instagram writing about a variety of topics and crucial facts you should be aware of. I’ll also continue to support you all and be there for you whenever you need me.

5.   What is your favourite Tiburón memory?

I guess my favourite memories concerned the first competition of last year in Nijmegen. It was the first time for me competing in a different country and by that time I didn’t know many people. I really loved the whole weekend, especially the competition per se. There I felt a sense of belonging to a supportive team which was similar to a family.

6.   What are you looking forward to the most during the upcoming year?

I am mainly looking forward to getting to know all of you and make new friends. Moreover, I can’t wait for the amazing parties to happen, so to spend time all together and create new memories.