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Aaaaand again it is Thursday so time for one of our board members to answer some questions for you! So here you go, enjoy!

1.   Who are you and what are you up to, when you are not spending Time with Tiburón?

Hey sharkies, today it is my turn to introduce myself to you so here we go! I am Lea, 24 years old and from Germany. In 2017 I started my Bachelor’s in biomedical sciences here in Maastricht. By now I finished that Bachelor and decided to immediately continue with my Master’s in regenerative medicine and currently I am doing a 10-month internship as part of that.

When I am not at my internship and not spending time with Tiburón or on my board duties (there is not much time left) I like to meet up with friends, enjoy a beer on a terrace or in general just spend some time outside getting some fresh air for once. During our lovely lockdowns I got bored enough to learn how to play ukulele for a bit, but my skills are still rather limited on that one 😀

2.  What made you decide to learn how to swim like a shark rather than float like a turtle?

I kind of learned swimming as a child and then never stopped. I was around 7 years old when my coach quit, and we were split up to join other teams. A few of us were allowed to try out for the competitive team in my hometown and I got selected to join them. So that’s how I ended up in competitive swimming which I then did until the last year of high school. I stopped swimming for three years since I also took two gap years after finishing school. But when I came to Maastricht, I was more than happy to start swimming again and immediately joined Tiburón which was not just a great way to stay fit but also to find friends.

3.   Why did you decide to become a board member?

I was thinking about doing a board year a few times before but then I went to Sweden for a semester abroad and then COVID happened so there was just never the right timing… Joining Tiburón in general was one of the best decisions during my student life and a big part of that was just the Tiburón team spirit. However, after the COVID year it felt like that whole Tiburón family feeling was getting a bit lost since members lost touch with each other. That was already a point where I thought it would be nice to do a board year and bring that feeling back so others can make the same great experiences I did. After that thought all it took was one drunk night where Marie and some other old board members said all the right things and suddenly there I was applying to be your Activity Co.

4.   What is your position actually about? What are you doing?

Activity Coordinator is a quite straight forward explanation of my job. I take care of all the activities happening outside of the pool, like the intro weekend last week. To make these activities happen I have my activities committee with whom I meet every 2 or 3 weeks to organize and plan everything for the upcoming events. So, if any of you are still interested in joining the Accie let me know, we still have a few spots left!

5.   What is your favourite Tiburón memory?

One of my favorite events to plan and to be a part of is always the member’s weekend. We rent a huge house and go there with everyone and just have a weekend filled with parties, games, a cantus and simply a lot of fun. Other than that, I also really enjoyed the Batavieren race and in general every Cantus is also always a great memory (at least the parts you can remember).

6.   What are you looking forward to the most during the Up Coming year?

As Activity Co I am of course looking forward to all the amazing real-life activities that I will hopefully be able to bring back after the past 1,5 years of COVID regulations and online events. Also, I am more than happy to spend this year with my fellow board members and am excited to see what this year brings us.

And next week, last but not least Jordi our swim coordinator will introduce himself!



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