Get to know you committees – The HAAIcie


Next up in our presentation of the committees is the HAAIcie! A committee you might not have heard so much of yet, as we are still busy working on our first HAAI. Maybe someone of you do not even know, what the HAAI is. Well, it is our very own club magazine that is published three times a year in form of a booklet and since last year also in form of an online magazine. The first one is almost ready to be printed and will be there soon, so hope you are all excited for this! Make sure to join practice during the last two weeks of this year to get one of the copies. We promise it will be worth it. The magazine usually entails storys about the fun events we had all together such as the NSZKs, Parties, Club Championships as well as some insider stories. Additionally, you will also find some tips and tricks how to make the best out of your time in Maastricht. We as HAAIcie of course write a lot of the pieces ourselves but we are also always looking for creative minds how are up to write a small story about an event or something they want to share with Tiburón. So if you ever feel like doing that do not hesitate to contact us! Moreover, we are happy to receive Feedback on how you like the HAAI so also let us know what you think as soon as you have read it. Hope you are all exited to read the first HAAI, of course, as a christmas theme.