Flying Sharks – Lustrum Jumpsquare Activity


Some call it flying sharks, others call it sharknado and some might even call it Jumpsquare!

Same as last time, we leave our natural habitat and aim for the sky, so as our next next Lustrum activity we will go to the Jumpsquare in Maastricht together. On 9th March at 19:15, we will gather at the Jumpsqaure (Porseleinstraat 1a, 6216 BP Maastricht) and show off our best tricks! The costs will be around 11€ p.p. for 60 Minutes of jumping. Make sure to also wear comfy sports clothes and keep in mind that you will need special jumping socks (they are included in the price). Afterwards we will head to the city center to have a drink or two and discuss who actually showed off the best tricks.

See you there!