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Hai Sharks,

Since this blog series is called “Day in the life of..” I will be telling you about one of my days. My days differ a lot from each other, some days I can relax and watch Netflix almost all day, others I have meeting after meeting and a lot of studying to do. So, I choose one specific day to tell you guys about: A competition day. As you know, there are 5 student swimming competitions each year and as your swim coordinator I am responsible for you guys during the competition. I choose this day to tell you guys about, because the competition days are the part of my job as swimco which I enjoy the most.

Before the competition I have to be prepare two things. First of all, all the swimmers that are joining the competition must be ready and feel secure. So, during the trainings we prepare the swimmers for the competition. Julian and I arrange the trainings schemes that you guys swim during training. We build up the trainings schemes towards the competitions. For example, we try to incorporate as much technique training as possible, so the swimmers feel secure swimming their chosen stroke. In the last week before the competition, starts and turning points are practiced. Moreover, I also arrange clinics during the year to practice a particular stroke and perfect the technique of that stroke.   

Secondly, I have to sign up Tiburon for the competition. This is quite important, because if I do not sign Tiburon up, we would not be allowed to participate in the competition. First, I have to set up a sign up sheet, so you guys are able to sign up for the competition. Afterwards, I have to communicate the amount of swimmers that are joining for each part of the competition weekend and I have to sign you up for the distances you would like to swim during the competition in a separate program. Lastly, I have to make sure everyone gets all the information they need for the competition.

Then, the competition day itself. When I get up in the morning, I first get dress and eat some breakfast. People are always excited for the competition or the party afterwards, so the ambiance is always good in the morning. Although, there may be some swimmers that are hungover from the pre-drinks. After eating some breakfast and relaxing a bit, I get ready to go and pack my bag. Before going to the swimming pool, we usually go to the supermarket to get some food for during the competition. We cycle or take public transportation, whatever is easiest to get to the pool. During the whole morning I check my phone to see whether there are any problems or people cancelling due to sickness. 

Upon arrival at the pool, I get an envelope that contains a program and the tickets for the food and the party. I give these tickets to one of the other board members to distribute them to all the swimmers. After getting the envelope, I quickly change and go into the pool. Before the warming up I have to hand in the final changes to the program. These changes mostly consist out of people that cancelled or changes in a relay. This can be quite stressful if people cancel at the last minute. Then, I quickly do a warm-up, because I have to be out of the water in time to go to the swim coordinator talk. During this talk the referee tells us the last changes and particular rules that apply during the competition. After which the competition will start quickly.

At the beginning of the competition I am quite nervous and I try to make sure every swimmer is ready and at the start on time. I really love watching the race and seeing how Tiburon swimmers are doing. Especially, the relays are always fun. While the competition continues, I relax more and more until the point that I have to swim myself. When I start getting ready for my race and the start is coming closer and closer I get more and more excited and also a bit nervous. I love the moment when you are in front of the starting block and your name is being called. I go over the race one more time in my head and am ready to go. During the race I give it all and try to improve my time. After a race I always have a satisfied feeling, happy that I swam and gave it a go. When I get out of the water, the first thing that I do is hit the shower to keep my muscles warm and recover a little after the race. When I catch my breath, I go back to the team and see if everything is still on point. During the whole competition I make sure that the swimmers are at the start on time and I help with any problem that may occur during the competition.

After the competition, I usually immediately have to go. As swim coordinator I have a meeting between the diner and party, meaning that all the swimco’s eat in the first shift. After changing quickly to my party clothes, I give my bag to one of the swimmers sleeping at the same location as me and I join the swimco’s at the diner location. We eat together and then have a meeting. These meetings really are helpful, but actually also a lot of fun, because you get to know the other swimco’s well and we do pre-drinks during our meeting. This year the meetings have been quite short and afterwards there as always a bit time left before the party. If there was enough time I would join Tiburon, otherwise I would stay with the swimco’s. This also depended on the location of the meeting and the party.

Partying with Tiburon is always fun, so I really enjoy the parties at the NSZK. At 00:00 there is an exciting moment, because the results of the competition are revealed. When they’re good, we celebrate and when there bad, we drink our sorrows away. Either way we continue partying!! Overall, a competition day is exhausting, but also a lot of fun. I really enjoy being the swimco during these days and support and party with Tiburon.❤️

Love, Kathleen

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