M.S.Z.V. Tiburón

Maastricht Student Swimming Team


Committees 2017-2018

Activity committee:

Would you like to do something for Tibur?n and do you like to organize events? Maybe the activity committee is something for you! This committee is responsible for all the activities of our association, like parties, game nights and our annual intro- and membersweekend. Furthermore, you have to promote the events by using Facebook, Whatsapp and at the trainings. And the best thing is, you can join (most of) the activities!

PR committee:?

The PR-Committee is a group full of enthusiastic Tiburon members, that know how to express what they like so much about Tibur?n exactly. The PR committee is mostly active during the INKOM, and throughout faculty promotion. If you like communication and promotion, the PR committee is the committee for you.

NSZK committee:

As the name suggests, the NSZK committee is set up to organize our NSZK competition in Maastricht. Every season we have 5 competitions and this year the last one will be in Maastricht. The competition weekends are one of the most fun weekends during the year.
What makes this committee special is the different aspects of it: you will organize the party on Friday and Saturday, the dinner after the competition and all aspects of the competition on Saturday. For the competition the things to organize are for example: set up the program and have contact with the pool, who will be speakers during the competition, what will be the goodies and what are other small things that have to be done during the weekend and who will do them? So if you are interested in making the NSZK competition in our own pool an epic event join this committee!

HAAI committee:?

The Haai committee takes care of Tibur?n’s very own clubmagazine, which is given to the members 3 times a year. Through the magazine, memorable and awkward stories about activities are shared with the members. But also nice recipes, interesting facts about our members and other fun things. If you like to write, or are creative when it comes to transferring all sorts of things to our members, this is the committee for you!