ActivityCocktail workshop


Missing the cocktails that you used to get at the bar? Welllll here are some good news for you: on the 14th of January at 7:30pm, we will kick off the new year together by having the board tell you all about the secrets to their best cocktails.

Wanna participate but you already spent all your money on Christmas gifts? No worries at all my little shark, we will be buying the alcohol for you (but you will have to get the other stuff yourself, though). A grocery list and the address of the pick up point for the alcohol will be sent to you on the 12th of January.


Make sure to sign up below to get all the information you need!


Note: If you are not in Maastricht but still want to participate, it is possible but unfortunately you will have to buy the supplies yourself. Make sure to let Marie know if that is the case though, so that she will take that into account while doing groceries!