Cobo 21st board


Dear Shark,

On the 15th of September, the 21st board of your favorite association got voted in! We want to celebrate that with you on the 15th of October at 19h00 at Cafe de Beurs. We would really appreciate it if you could fill in this form before the 10th of October so that we can get a good estimate of how many people to expect! If you want to decide to spontaneously join, that is fine too but we encourage as many of you to sign up so that the estimate is as accurate as can be <3

Previous boards need to sign themselves in through the link that was sent to them via email! 


What is a Cobo?

A cobo is an event to celebrate your new board. Previous boards, boards from other student sports association from Maastricht, and other student swimming association from the Netherlands come to congratulate your new board by bringing them a gift (usually a bottle of alcohol that the board has to finish on the spot). The external boards may try and steal objects from us (like the guestbook or the flag) or even board members and demand compensation from the board (for example baking the stealing board a cake).

As a member, you cannot give a gift to the board (although we really appreciate deposits in our bank accounts if you REALLY want to congratulate us) but you can help us keeping our objects safe, since we will probably be a bit too busy/drunk to do it ourselves!


PS: Feel free to bring us snacks :)