Club Championships I 2023-24


Make sure to join our Club Championships of 2023-2024 on the 16th of January!!!

Our club championships are our own internal swimming competition within Tiburón. Depending on your times you will collect points at both championships.

We will swim the following distances:

  • 50 freestyle
  • 50 breaststroke 
  • 100 IM / FRIM 

*For swimmers from lane 1-4 it will be possible to swim 100 meter FRIM instead of 100 meter medley, this means that you will swim freestyle instead of butterfly during the medley. You can only do this if you are not able to swim 25 meter butterfly. Since you will compete against people who swim butterfly, we will add 5 seconds to your time if you choose to swim FRIM, to make it a bit more even.

After the championships we will have after-practice drinks, where we will have an award ceremony to announce the winners of each distance from that day. For the winners of the individual distances we will divide by male/female and by lane 1-4/lane 5-8 so please indicate those below.

Good luck to all of you!